The Crypto Most Likely to Soar in 2022

Crypto-currency enthusiasts are perpetually on the lookout for promising altcoins to invest in. Their main goal? To profit by buying the token at a low price and reselling it when its price soars. The problem is that it is often challenging to identify assets with high potential. And even harder to determine the right time to buy and sell.

In reality, crypto-currency is an uncertain field, and it isn’t easy to know what will happen in the next few seconds. Besides, it is well known that it is the most volatile market. Nevertheless, several criteria can be used to evaluate the potential of a token. The development schedule or the value and number of permits are influential elements. More conservative investors also consider the growth of the community and risk mitigation factors.

Regarding RBIS, the native token of the ArbiSmart project, it meets all the potentiality criteria. All indicators show that it could become the rising star of 2022, and the ticket is currently gaining popularity.
The ArbiSmart Project Today

ArbiSmart is an automated crypto arbitrage platform. It is currently known in the market for its consistent returns and low risk. This duo cannot go unnoticed, especially in a market as fluctuating as that of digital currencies.

In addition, it offers an exciting hedge against market downturns. Indeed, it was designed to take advantage of temporary disparities in the price of a cryptocurrency on exchange platforms. Profits can thus be generated whether the market is rising or falling, and the phenomenon occurs with the same regularity in all cases.

Profits Generated by the ArbiSmart Automated System

The Arbismart automated crypto arbitrage system can generate regular annual profits ranging from 10.8% to 45%. In addition, it is possible to calculate the earnings in advance. In addition, a long-term savings account is available for those who wish to supplement their incomes. The investor has to block his funds for a certain period on the platform, and the daily interest earned can then be as high as 1%.
The RBIS Listing

The RBIS token was launched on the market in January of 2022. Currently, many leading exchanges are already offering the token. We can mention Uniswap, SushiSwap, HitBTC, LAToken and Coinsbit.

Liquidity and trading volume are expected to increase as more prominent exchanges join the list of those offering the token in 2022.

Expanding the token to new communities is conducive to its long-term viability and recognition. This will, in turn, encourage other reputable exchanges to offer RBIs.
Major Development Projects for 2022

ArbiSmart plans to launch a series of new RBIS utilities later this month. The goal is to create an EU-authorized end-to-end crypto ecosystem and offer comprehensive financial services.
A Yield Farming Program
The decentralized Yield Farming program will be the first development project launched by ArbiSmart. It is offered through Uniswap and promises a competitive annual return for staking. In particular, participants in the USDT/RBIS and ETH/RBIS liquidity pools will be able to generate APYs of up to 190,000%. Also, they will receive 0.3% of commissions on each transaction as a reward.
An NFT Marketplace

ArbiSmart’s NFT marketplace will be launched in the second quarter. Investors will have to use RBIS to purchase the non-fungible tokens offered. 10,000 NFTs, certifying ownership of unique digital artworks will be available.
An Interest Generating Wallet

The release of the interest-generating wallet will closely follow the launch of the NFT marketplace. This supports both cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies, and the wallet thus offers a secure storage solution while generating annual interest of up to 45%.
One Goal: Increasing Demand for RBIs

The integration of these new services aims to increase the demand for tokens. It should be noted that the RBIS supply, limited to 450 million, decreases when demand rises. As a result, prices are expected to increase significantly when demand exceeds supply. This allows token holders to obtain attractive capital gains on their investments.
A Continued Pace into the Future
The momentum is expected to continue into the second half of 2022 and much of 2023. The ArbiSmart development team plans to integrate other services/features such as a mobile app, and this will allow users to buy, store and exchange cryptocurrencies securely anywhere and anytime.

Exchange and a funding platform for new high-potential cryptos are also expected to be released. Then will come the Arbismart series of crypto-currency banking services. This includes debit cards, payment services and IBANs, among others.

Are you looking for a crypto-currency that could explode in 2022? RBIS seems like a good choice. The ArbiSmart development team is planning to release some exciting new services this year. In addition, the community should grow following the launch of the token on exchanges.

Give yourself the chance to get an impressive return on investment. Buy RBIS now!

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