Top 5 crypto metaverse that you should be interested in!

Just as Defi has turned the future of cryptos upside down, metaverse and NFTs have given birth to new types of games. Here are 5 NFTs game projects that you should consider if your attraction to NFTs and GameFi is growing.
Infinity Skies: Play To Earn with Infinite Winnings
Infinity Skies, whose native token is ISKY is a play-to-earn designed on the Polygon blockchain that launched earlier this year. Companies like Jump Capital and GD10 Ventures participated in the project’s launch.

The game consists of participating in numerous adventures to complete the construction of a prestigious castle or island with decorations on the Sky Plot while having the opportunity to receive NFTs and several other rewards. These are fully monetizable. For example, you can convert your $ISKY tokens into cryptos on a decentralized exchange or sell your non-fungible tickets.

If aesthetics are taken into account, this one also allows distinguishing the gamers who will have made a sensation to their guests during the numerous parties organized. Both organization and participation in these festivities are synonymous with many opportunities.

At the end of each month, the top three players are chosen, and they receive a fee worth one-third (up to 1% of all kings) of all NFT transactions made during the month. Several criteria are taken into account to decide between the candidates. The votes cast by your castle visitors and the experience you give them can move you to the top of the list.

A taste for adventure and a keen sense of creativity are two necessary criteria for diving into the Sky Infinities metaverse. But rest assured, no matter how skilled you are, you can earn NFTs at various times and through Swapping. With a current price of $0.177, ISKY is well below its ATH of $1.34 as of January 12, but it has great potential.
Bunny-buddies: A Versatile NFT Project

Created by Ryan Robinson of British, Bunny Buddies is a collection of 8,888 bunnies with unique aspects of the Ethereum blockchain. The artist who has long worked with celebrities such as Kodak Black, XXXTentacion, and 21 Savage has put together this collection to express his creativity by singularly marrying two divergent realities in most of his creations.

The project includes a regular collection that consists primarily of beautiful rabbits with a face split in two with patterns somewhat different from each other. Their name evokes the character that makes them so attractive and unique, as with “Icy Hot,” but Rhabbitz does not limit himself to this.

Another collection of 15 NFTs called “Legendary Bunny Buddies” comprises rabbits whose inspiration comes from our daily reality. For example, there is the astronaut Bunny Buddie, Chucky, and the one that looks like the Joker.

The project is still in its infancy, but the aspirations are high. A portion of the funds raised from investors was donated to an organization working for mental health. Besides the bunnies, which will create the carrots, each one will have its characteristics that will surely change your Bunny’s personality.

Many collaborations are also planned to bring these bunnies into the metaverse. Designed in 3D, they can easily be used as avatars. The first owners will have a particular priority in the next Airdrop. Any Bunny purchase can be made on Open sea, and there are no less than 4,900 owners to date.
Nefturians: Created By and For Nefturians

Powered by the startup Nefture, whose expertise includes creating and marketing NFTs, Nefturians is the company’s collection. Its metaverse of the same name is composed of heroes called “Nefturians” that you will have to create from the already established structure. It intends to democratize the metaverse by allowing everyone to have a platform where it is possible to play, create and sell its collection of NFT.

By participating, you will be able to play and help build the ecosystem by letting your creative thoughts run free. You will either design your NFT, which will then be submitted to a contest to elect the “fanart” of the current month. Or you can influence the course of the Nefturian story when the sequel you suggested receives more votes than your competitors.

As soon as you have one of the 8001 heroes, you can contribute directly. From NFT and weapon creation to project submission and NFT to stack, the Nefture metaverse has made the word innovation its leitmotif.

Backed by Ethereum, Nefturians brings together a marketplace and exciting features that make its platform.
Pathfinders: Getting to the Heart of the Adventure

A collection of 4,444 unique 3D characters, Pathfinders are divided into four distinct categories: Blacksmiths, Drillers, Zeppelins, and Nautilus. These robots are sent on missions to the far reaches of this immersive world. They can rely on their different skills to complete their task, and with each success, they rise in rank.

The characteristics of these robots are as follows: the blacksmiths are honest workers. Their job is to design and build the infrastructure prepare the materials and other resources that the others will need. The drillers are in charge of the heavy machinery, exploiting the ores. The Zeppelins are in order of missions that focus on exploring the sky, while the Nautilus is in charge of the depths of the sea.

The aura of each robot brings out certain traits according to its intensity, and the armor it wears is adapted to the role it is called to play. It is a game of tactics and strategy where each adventurer embraces its missions.

Pathfinders generate bi-weekly rewards through the ZepBox. The most used channel to communicate with their community is Discord, and this is where votes are taken to determine which items will be included in the ZepBox.
The team comprises two Swiss artists in association with the Rivière brothers, who have been co-founding a marketing agency for almost three years.
Meta was: The Conquest of the Galactic Universe

Unlike most games built on Ethereum, the futuristic virtual world of Metawars is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. Additionally, the YouTuber Mr. Beast, with a community of 91 million subscribers, has connected with Magnus Capital, Ice tea Labs, Raptor Capital, and other major venture capital firms to complete a $2.3 million fundraising round to ensure the viability of the space conquest.

In the Metawars game space, players explore this galactic world searching for loot while preparing themselves against the dangers that lie ahead. It’s a purely strategic game were discovering new planets means challenges and rewards. However, it’s also essential to defend yourself against other players who are just waiting for the right opportunities to replace your supplies.

This Play2Earn has set up several ways for the more skilled players to enjoy surprises, but others can get them too. PvP and PvE battles end with a reward for the winner. NFTs can also be collected to be sold later on, not to mention the economy linked to the exploitation of possible mines of land or its renting.

Meta has two tokens: $WARS, the utility token, and $GAMs, which are mainly used to obtain rewards in the game.

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